Type of accreditation

  1. Accreditation activities has an important role, serving the state management of the quality of products, goods and services and the state management of conformity assessment activities, thereby, Ensure conformity assessment organizations meet regulations of competent authorities.
  2. Accreditation is a means of identifying and officially declaring the impartial, independent, technical, and management capacity of conformity assessment organizations that can provide reliable products and services that meet the needs of conformity assessment organizations. customer demand.
  3. Accreditation activities are activities that ensure the identification, recognition, and promotion of improving the quality of conformity assessment activities including testing, calibration, medical testing, certification, inspection, Proficient testing provider, reference material producer... contribute to improving the quality of products and goods and enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of businesses. Thereby, helping state agencies, businesses, consumers, and the whole society have more confidence in the results of conformity assessment.
  4. Accreditation helps consumers have confidence in the products and services of conformity assessment organizations and assists in choosing the safety and quality of a conformity assessment provider.
  5. Accreditation activities facilitate mutual recognition of conformity assessment results between management agencies and between countries; promoting the development of international trade, while minimizing technical barriers, contributing to the goal of "one standard, one certificate, recognized everywhere".
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